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7thSep 2018

BFMA Designing Forms to Facilitate Records AutoClassification Live Webinar

BFMA & Valora Technologies Present:

Designing Forms to Facilitate AutoClassification Live Webinar

30thAug 2018

ILTACON 2018 Panel: AutoClassification is Real; Don’t let Perfect be the Enemy of Good

Records & InfoGov professionals have long anticipated the ability to AutoClassify records and information. Vast information volumes make it unrealistic and inconsistent to rely on users to classify […]

21stJun 2018

Boston Voyager – 6/21/18 – Meet Sandra Serkes of Valora Technologies in Bedford

Meet Sandra Serkes of Valora Technologies in Bedford

By Boston Voyager Staff

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sandra Serkes.

Sandra, please share […]

17thMay 2018

AutoClassification 101 The Future of Information Governance and Content Services Webinar Recording

In this final session of the AutoClassification 101 Webinar series, presented by Epiq and Valora Technologies, Sandra Serkes and Julie Colgan look ahead to […]

3rdMay 2018

Creating Structure from Unstructured Data Featuring Nick Inglis

In this webinar, Sandra Serkes and Nick Inglis discussed:
  • The difference between structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • How to make sense of large silos of […]
3rdApr 2018

GDPR: An American Perspective – Webinar Recording

Interest is growing for U.S. organizations regarding GDPR compliance in the U.S., particularly for U.S. organizations who do business globally.  U.S. organizations need to […]