Valora Clients Overview

Smart document, data & content solutions for Corporations, Law Firms, Advisory Groups, Government Agencies and Channel Partners

handshakeValora’s client base cuts across borders, genres, verticals and functional areas. Because the heart of what we do is solve complex problems involving repositories of documents/files, data and other content, we serve legal and risk professionals, business line and functional management, and government personnel involved in the storage, assessment and disposition of data. We also serve a thriving network of Channel Partners across the globe, with specialties in eDiscovery, Records Management, and Fraud & Risk Management.

Valora has more than a decade of experience and expertise. Our solutions and services cover a broad gamut of specialty document processing and analytics. We are experts at understanding clients’ document and data management needs, designing custom-configured workflows, best practices and technology solutions, and then implementing and provisioning the highest quality services on their behalf.

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