Government Agency Clients

All the sophisticated document management, analysis and control services that commercial entities enjoy – delivered under secure, vetted government procurement, compliance and security standards

Slider_New3aGovernments at all levels, as well as NGOs and other public sector agencies often face challenging work environments. Their mandate is to deliver a broad range of services and results in highly visible, multi-stakeholder environments with limited resources, tight finances and budgetary controls, and short deadlines. Despite difficult economic circumstances, these entities are always required to deliver outstanding and transformative public services.

Valora’s document, data and content management services help government agencies to deliver results under any circumstances.

As a woman-owned, self-certified small business, delivers trusted solutions and services with strong expertise in judicial, transportation/construction, financial and environmental sectors.

The contract vehicles listed indicate how government agencies may procure services from Valora. In addition, Valora’s services can be purchased as Other Direct Costs (ODC) via the Central Contractor Registry (CCR).

Valora’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) DUNS number is: 099281789