Law Firm Clients

Get litigation documents under control – fast and cost-effectively!

Valora is committed to bringing the most efficient, sophisticated and cost-effective document services provisioning for the legal community. Delivering cutting-edge, accuracy-guaranteed solutions for more than twelve years has been our hallmark, and we have supported over 200 law firm clients across dozens of matters and 17 billion+ documents!

Law Firm Clients

Many law firms already have strong solutions for the day-to-day eDiscovery issues that arise.  Valora’s specialty is those situations that are not run-of-the-mill, such as:

  • Matters with exceptionally short deadlines or extremely limited budgets
  • Projects with massive document or file counts (100’s of thousands) that exceed Cases with heavy complexities around coding, doc review and retention
  • Documents with specific production restrictions, such as sensitive or private information, redactions, privileged material and trade secrets.
  • Collections from multiple parties, locations and languages
  • Productions that require strong defensibility and expert testimony regarding process, results, and authenticity.
  • A need for established, predictable monthly costs in eDiscovery across myriad capabilities, departments and matters.

Valora Technologies is the “go to” expert for a variety of unique, specialty and custom eDiscovery situations.
Contact us to learn more about our affordable, efficient solutions for problematic eDiscovery and litigation.