PowerHouse™ Automated Services Platform 

Configure & run sophisticated automated services the way Valora does by licensing our PowerHouse engine for use in your private environment, service bureau or the cloud.

PH logo main-1Due to popular demand, Valora is making its award-winning, leading-edge technology PowerHouse services delivery platform available to select clients and service partners.  PowerHouse is a fully functional, fully featured automated services delivery platform for eDiscovery, Records & Information Management and Information Governance.

With PowerHouse, clients easily perform:

  • AutoUnitizion, AutoCoding, OCR, TIFfing, and text & metadata extractions
  • AutoTranslation to/from 65 world languages, including Language Detection
  • AutoRedaction of sensitive information and PII
  • Automated Document Review (TAR) for Privilege, Responsiveness and Issues
  • Automated Document Classification, De-duplication, Folder Taxonomy Placement & Workflow
  • And many more automated services

PowerHouse comes in two basic configurations:

  • PowerHouse for Corporate Installations
    • Valora-configured onsite installation for single-purpose, high-volume use behind a corporate firewall or within a private cloud environment.  Includes full integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, OpenText, Documentum and other popular Document Management Systems
  • PowerHouse for Service Providers
    • Multi-purpose onsite installation for multiple project, high-volume use within a Service Provider’s private cloud environment.  Includes PowerHouse Configuration Services, Quality Control Interface, Administrative Console and integration hooks for Relativity, iConect and other common eDiscovery hosting environments.

If you have any questions: