PowerHouse™ AutoClassification Platform 

Classify, organize & control multiple silos of corporate information with minimal impact to users

Welcome to PowerHouse™ AutoClassification from Valora Technologies. Our world-class Machine Learning technology automatically determines document content, attributes & purpose, a major breakthrough in enterprise-scale Information Governance, regardless of where and how the information is stored or ultimately utilized.

Valora’s PowerHouse platform analyzes virtually unlimited volumes of enterprise data with unmatched classification and disposition capabilities. PowerHouse has been validated by corporations, government agencies, and professional services firms worldwide.

The PowerHouse fully-featured AutoClassification platform for Information Governance, Records & Information Management, and eDiscovery combines Rich Metadata extraction/creation with a robust Rules Engine, identifying and understanding your enterprise content, all while processing in place.


Clients using PowerHouse enjoy:  

  • Creation of Rich MetaData for Contracts & Other Business Documents
    • PowerHouse automatically captures 500+ fields of unique metadata with standard support for attributes such as: Document Type; Title or Subject; Authors, Recipients and Custodians; Geographical Locations, Brand Names Government Entities, Confidentiality, Near Duplicates, and all manner of critical Dates.
  • AutoClassification for ROT, Retention & Legal Hold
    • PowerHouse automatically finds, understands and interprets corporate files to determine appropriate Retention strategy and execution, including identification and protection of content under Legal Hold. PowerHouse further identifies “ROT”content with little or no business, legal or regulatory value and isolates or defensibly deletes material as required.
  • AutoRedaction of PII, PHI & Other Sensitive Data
    • PowerHouse automatically finds & protects Personally
      Identifiable Information (PII) in your corporate files. Add a layer of security with permanent, temporary or selective AutoRedactions, locking down content at the file or data item level. Comply with data privacy regulations, including FOIA requests, the GDPR and DSARs.
  • Supporting of Data Silos Across the Enterprise
    • PowerHouse supports ingestion and/or processing in place across a wide variety of data sources, such as: email servers, file shares, ECMs and DMS systems, cloud-based storage – even paper records. Easily migrate only the right data to new repositories, ECMs or the cloud. Completely customizable Rules Engine provides pinpoint retention, metadata, redaction and migration.
  • AutoTranslation to/from 65 world languages, including Language Detection
  • Automatic compliance with Data Retention policies and Legal Holds
  • Automated Document Review (TAR) for Privilege, Responsiveness and Issues
  • Out of the box support for SharePoint, O365, OneDrive, Exchange Server & more

PowerHouse is well battle-tested in myriad applications of high volume data classification and document processing. Read our PowerHouse Case Studies for more details.

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