Case Studies

Valora’s Technologies in Action


Saving American History with PowerHouse – New!
Ensuring Historical Legal Precedents are Preserved for Future Generations


Organization and Control for 30 Years of Electronic Documents – New!
Revitalizing a department’s information management


AmLaw 10 Firm AutoClassifies Extensive Data Backlog While Maintaining Strict Country-wide Data Security Protocols – New!
PowerHouse™ AutoClassifies On Premise documents half a world away… sight unseen


Optimizing HR for the Modern World 
A look at Roche Brothers digitization transformation


Legal Harmony Across Datasets
Helping Prosecution and Defense Document Sets Come Together

case-study-icon2Automated Issue Coding For 4 Separate Parties at Once
Powerhouse AutoReview Engine Successfully Tags 29 Issue Codes for 4 Unique Parties, Group Costs Shared

Solving the “Priv Log” Panic
Top Law Firm Realizes Major Efficiency Gain by Automating Per-Email-String Privilege Information Capture & Priv Log Creation

Bringing Automation to Redaction
West Coast Law Firm Enables Client to Achieve Major Savings by Automating Redaction of 2,500 Documents.

Automated Universal Language Translation
Multi-National Fortune 500 Corporation Easily Translates 1000’s of Foreign Language Documents into Engligh in Under a Week

3 Million Documents: 11-Member Boutique Litigation Firm
Small Firm Leaps to Forefront of Efficiency & Cost Control by Leveraging Technology

Utilizing Software to AutoIndex Insurance Records
National Insurance Agency Utilizes Valora Powerhouse to Automatically Tag & Index 47 Years of Customer Accounts

2 Weeks to Re-Review Enormous IP Matter: International Telecommunications Company
Mass Auto Review Solution Completes 11 Million Pages in 8 Days, Saving Over $2M

Automated Communications and Data Mapping: Top 5 Long Term Health Provider
Blackcat™ Data Visualization Engine Helps Uncover Critical Relationship and Unauthorized Information Disclosure

Eliminating 1000’s of Hours of Mortgage Files Analysis
Valora “Premier” Channel Partner Enables their Client to Achieve Major Saving by Automating the Analysis of 10,000 Mortgage Files