Analytics & Document Data Mining

Analytics are increasingly solving complex document analysis and management problems  From AutoClassification of files based on content, to Duplicate and Near Duplicate Detection, to Technology-Assisted Review (TAR), analytics are clearly taking over the way we manage large document populations.

Valora offers comprehensive Analytics services for clients who can’t otherwise obtain or performs these services within their own organizations.  Analytics covers a lot of ground.  Valora’s Document Analytics specialties are:

  • Duplicate and Near Duplicate Detection
  • AutoClassification of Files by Content, Issues, Key Data and More
  • Technology-Assisted Document Review (TAR) for Privilege, Responsiveness & Issues
  • Automated Privilege Logs
  • Automated Intake & Document Workflow
  • Taxonomy Development & Implementation

Valora utilizes state-of-the-art Analytics developed by our in-house Engineering team and incorporated into our PowerHouse services platform to help classify, index and organize your document population with as much or as little information as you require. Incorporating some of the most sophisticated Probabilistic, Hierarchical, Context-Free Grammars (statistical pattern-matching) technology, we create custom-crafted solutions for clients in many industries and circumstances.

Valora’s analytics and processing services are all conveniently provided from our Bedford, MA (USA) processing center, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your project will be managed by a professional, dedicated Project Manager and our Professional Services and Technical Operations processing teams.  Should you require, our solutions can be migrated to your private data center or cloud.

Having processed well over 22 billion pages of critical documents in our fifteen years of operation, Valora has seen and analyzed virtually all types of data, from paper documents to email systems, databases, web repositories and fileshares to legacy data, backup tapes, converted paper files, even international and foreign language data. Talk to us about your Analytics needs and what makes your project a unique challenge.


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“Valora custom-crafted Analytics for our unique needs. PowerHouse classifies documents by product brand, distributor, and intended audience.  It even marks documents for Legal Hold.”
Director of Knowledge Management, Fortune 50 Corporation