BlackCat™ Hosting & Data Visualization

Data visualization is the emerging science of presenting information in a way that is intuitive to users and presents them with multiple options for utilizing their data as they see fit. 

Valora created the BlackCat Data Visualization and Hosting platform to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for our clients who wanted to see what we see when we process and analyze data on their behalf.

At heart, BlackCat is a hosted data platform for large-scale, document-intensive matters in litigation and records management. Inside BlackCat, users appreciate easy, instinctual point & click reporting; unlimited search, correlation and classification capabilities; data tracking, trendlining and forecasting; and an ability to track their processing, analysis and review progress in real-time.

BlackCat is not a large-scale manual review platform, but rather a reporting and auditing mechanism specifically for complex analytics processing. BlackCat is especially optimized for projects requiring heavy automated data analysis and processing, rather than mostly linear or manual workflows. BlackCat has been especially tuned to optimize and display Valora’s unique analytics results, such as graphical representations of who communicates with whom, and how different Issues, People and Document Types manifest over the lifetime of the matter.

Often provided in tandem with other services, BlackCat delivers clean, easily managed data storage, reporting and analytics in a secure, web-browser environment with no client-side software requirements. Documents reside in BlackCat either temporarily on their way to other hosted environments, or quasi-permanently, as a sophisticated-yet-simple records or litigation document repository.

Because Hosting typically occurs near the end of a long chain of automated, hybrid and manual document processing activities, Valora has ensured full and complete integration between BlackCat and our critically acclaimed PowerHouse™ processing platform. This allows us to run processing, analytics, quality control and auditing processes simultaneously with migration and hosting efforts in BlackCat, offering a completely scalable, parallel-processing workflow model for high-volume, time-sensitive projects. Contact us for more information.


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BlackCat is unlike any hosting or analytics platform I’ve ever seen. It’s completely intuitive and very powerful.”
Associate General Counsel, Fortune 500 Corporation