Electronic File Processing (EFP)

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Valora offers comprehensive electronic file processing services for clients who can’t otherwise obtain these services within their own organizations. Often, it is simply more convenient for Valora to serve as the convenient, one-stop shop for ESI processing tasks as well as data analytics, coding/indexing, review and hosting, allowing clients to simply provide raw data as they receive it.

Valora’s ESI culling, filtering, analytics and processing services are all conveniently provided from our Bedford, MA (USA) processing center, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your project will be managed by a professional, dedicated Project Manager and our Professional Services and Technical Operations processing teams. All ESI processing work is fully integrated with our other services, which you can watch in real-time via our BlackCat DataVisualization and Hosting interface.

Valora utilizes state-of-the-art culling and filtering techniques to help narrow down your document population, often by 60% or more. Incorporating industry-standard practices of de-duplication, filtering, and de-NISTing, with cutting edge emerging technologies like categorization, conversation-threading and predictive analytics, Valora applies the best technologies to the project, in an integrated high-volume workflow.

Having processed well over 22 billion pages of critical documents in our 17 years of operation, Valora has seen and managed virtually all types of ESI data, from multiple email systems, databases, web repositories and fileshares to legacy data, backup tapes, converted paper files, even international and foreign language data. Talk to us about your ESI and what makes your project a unique challenge.


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“If it’s 5GB or less, we tackle it in-house. Over 5GB, we call Valora.”
Litigation Support Manager , AmLaw 250 Law Firm