Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR provides the much-needed “missing link” between a picture of a document (an image) and searchable, analyzable, working document content.

Valora provides high-volume, expert routinized OCR services for imaged paper documents and rapid, high-volume text-extraction for native ESI files of all types.

Often provided in tandem with other services, OCR delivers clean, searchable text for all printed words in a document. Using the most powerful character-recognition algorithms available, Valora routinely processes well over 200,000 pages per day of OCR.

Because OCR is often near the start of a long chain of automated and hybrid document processing activities, Valora has ensured that we utilize the highest quality, most powerful recognition algorithms available and fully integrated them into our critically acclaimed PowerHouse processing platform. This allows us to run OCR simultaneously with other processing efforts, offering a completely scalable, parallel-processing workflow model for high-volume, time-sensitive projects.

With more than a decade of OCR, text extraction and text manipulation experience, Valora delivers expert text searchability, analysis and reporting to some of the world’s largest corporations, law firms, federal agencies and consultancies. Contact us for more information.


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We’ve always found Valora’s OCR to be excellent.  It has to be since they use it themselves for AutoCoding.
Senior Operations Manager, US federal contracting agency