Business Intelligence Solutions

screen-01bg-blu_106827266Providing true ROI for data mining, data migration and live (Active) records management situations

Everyone knows there is valuable data and information tucked away in the millions of document and content repositories inside (and sometimes also outside) corporate information repositories. It’s not a question of whether or how to get at that data, it’s how cost effective is it to do so?

Valora’s specialty is finding and justifying those unique situations where the cost-benefit far outweighs the actual cost of gaining management and control of documents, data and content. Typically operating under a fixed-price budgetary constraint, Valora’s job is to design, implement and provision solutions that yield hard returns far higher than their costs.

Below are examples of past Valora BI solutions where the ROI justification has proven well worth the endeavor:

  • Migrating 40 years of client data records to a modern, relational, hosted database, complete with data extraction, analysis and mining for each record.
  • Handling both Backfile and Day Forward records culled from global media and newsfeeds
  • Evaluating several years’ worth of credit card expenses to allocate expenses between hostile parties
  • Trendlining & forecasting critical Issues and user sentiment across several years of digital correspondence & communications
  • Cataloging skill sets, attributes and contact information for corporate personnel, consultants and job applicants to create an on-demand job-personnel resource allocation system
  • Utilizing sophisticated, hierarchical business Rules to assess and repeatedly monitor contract terms validity and obsolescence

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