Document Workflow Solutions

Automated workflows that maximize turnaround time while reducing manual labor costs.

workflow_173257610While those in the Legal & Litigation world will recognize the notion of document disposition (most frequently used for First Pass Document Review), others will understand the concept of document Workflow Systems. With workflow, documents again have a disposition, but this time the disposition causes an action to take place.

Workflow dispositions include actions like: routing a document to particular person or location, queuing a document for storage, analysis or deletion, or passing a document through for payment, arbitration or exception handling.

Because Valora utilizes high-volume, rapid-throughput indexing, we are frequently called upon to integrate our automated Indexing and Analysis with high-volume workflow scenarios, such as mail processing or A/P & A/R assessment.

In our experience, each client’s document workflow needs are unique, requiring Professional Services skills in workflow and systems design, automated field capture optimization and strict SLAs for monitoring and reporting performance.

Contact us about your existing manual document workflows and new ones you are looking to automate. We’ll show you workflow solutions that are up to date, easy to implement and use and don’t require user input or sorting.