Legal & Litigation Solutions

Get litigation documents under control – fast and cost-effectively!Law-keyboard_88658722

With over 5 billion documents organized, processed & analyzed for over 200 customers worldwide, Valora has over a decade of experience supporting legal teams inside corporate GC departments, law firms and government agencies.

Our services span the EDRM spectrum, with particular focus on the collection, analysis and preparation of documents for large-scale litigation. Our solutions always incorporate a combination of consultative, strategic best practices and custom-configured, cutting-edge technology solutions.

Most legal and litigation clients utilize Valora for:

  • Large-scale, multi-state file conversion or scanning efforts
  • Document Coding of Scanned Paper Documents, or Electronic Files with Limited Metadata (such as email attachments, native files, video & audio, tweets & texts, and other non-email files).
  • First-pass Document Review for Privilege, Responsiveness and Issues of collected litigation documents. Valora’s solutions includes rapid, low-cost and highly defensible Rules-Based Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) options.
  • Automated Privilege Logs to reduce the cost, effort and inaccuracies of this critical production deliverable
  • Redaction of sensitive or personally identifying information (PII) prior to document production or publication of content.
  • Early case assessment of incoming materials from client or third parties. Includes Rules-Based Assessment of claims validity and strength, as well trending and forecasting of Issues over time.
  • Automated Translation of foreign language documents into English for easier review and management
  • Easy, point & click Web-hosting for document hosting, reviewe and case management

It’s time to contact us when litigation document volume seems overwhelming in size, organization, deadlines, budgetary or resource restrictions, and complexity. Valora’s specialty is providing efficiency in litigation document management and review. Contact us and we will customize a solution for your unique needs.