Privacy & Compliance Solutions

Manage PII, PHI and sensitive info automatically, in place or offline

The twin fears of data breach and litigation exposure have doubled efforts to coordinate and control sensitive information in the enterprise.  

Proper information governance demands that we not only know what content we have (and where), but that we manage access to it, with proper controls in place for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), and sensitive, need-to-know corporate information.

Most Privacy & Compliance clients utilize Valora for:

  • Large-scale, automated classification of sensitive documents, including the automatic detection and redaction of protected information
  • Automated detection and redaction of Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Address & Phone Numbers, Account Numbers, and much more.
  • Implementation of Retention Schedules and Policies
  • Analysis of textual communications between parties via Email, Text Message, Chat, Tweets and other Social Media
  • Analysis, detection and control of Contract and Agreement clauses
  • Remediation of sensitive or classified data

Privacy & Compliance don’t have to be overwhelming.  Let Valora show you how our sophisticated analytics engine, PowerHouse, can work for you and your organization. Contact us and we will customize a solution for your unique needs.