Document & Repository Management Solutions

repository-white_108848717Are you still relying on users of your document repository to enter in helpful field information (metadata)?
Is your document database growing unwieldy, slow or obsolete?
Is your database or repository a static “burial ground,” rather than a dynamic, proactive, efficient business tool?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it is time for a consultation with the Document Repository experts at Valora. We have built, managed and maintained databases for over 200 organizations, some with the exacting standards and requirements of the US federal government!

Repositories always had the potential to be highly functional, usable information sources, but until now they’ve had a critical flaw – they rely upon users or content originators to “tag” the content for future use. Virtually no one does this (outside of email systems which do it automatically) for the volumes of content generated every day. Each document, presentation, spreadsheet or text message has valuable content that effectively disappears from regular view once the document enters a database. With Valora Document & Repository Management Solutions, your data is alive and vibrant, fully tagged, with full Rules-Based disposition and live reporting and trend analysis.

Contact us about your existing document repositories and new ones you are looking to create. We’ll show you data management solutions that are up to date, easy to search and use and don’t require user input or maintenance.