Winter 2017-2018 Thought Leadership Update

Welcome to Valora’s Winter 2017-2018 Thought Leadership Update


With the new year right around the corner, we thought we’d update our fans and champions with all of the things we’ve been up to this season.

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Valora News and Publications

  • New Valora Information Governance Workshops 1/2 – 2 day workshops designed by our Professional Services Team with deep experience in file, record and data management to help organizations explore, uncover and prioritize their information challenges, initiatives, procedures, and policies.
  • Valora Wins Key Information Governance Award “Valora Technologies, Inc,. a leader in predictive analytics and AutoClassification for Information Governance, has been named 2017 Finalist for Information Governance Service Provider of the Year at the Information Governance Conference in Providence, RI.”
  • Up Close with Sandra Serkes of Valora Technologies Boston Voyager Article “Originally, I thought success equaled revenue growth, and then profit, and then stability. Today I would add a personal element to all of that, such as happiness and pride in your work and your accomplishments.”

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  • PowerHouse AutoCoding now supports more flexible, and larger-scale data extraction, up to 1/2 TB per day!
  • PowerHouse Quality Control User Interface now supports custom field validations & field sorting algorithms.
  • Direct live email server (SMTP) intake , allows emails to be AutoClassified with no workflow interruptions.


  • BlackCat hosting and data visualization now supports high performance for large-scale document populations.
  • BlackCat now supports single-sign on (SSO) via SAML API.

Spring 2017 Thought Leadership Update

Valora in the News

DTI completes its strategic investment in Valora, marking AutoClassification’s coming-of-age, and a clear commitment to investing in leading-edge Information Governance solutions.

Webinars, Events, and Appearances

The long awaited book by numerous industry luminaries features Sandra Serkes’ chapter on  “Predictive Analytics for Information Governance.” Order your copy here.


 Featuring Sandra Serkes and Nick Inglis, Information Coalition President

Serkes headshot
Sandra Serkes
Valora Technologies CEO
              Valora showcased AutoClassification by Matter Name with live
      PowerHouse & BlackCat demos
              Featuring Sandra Serkes and Eugenia Brumm, HBR Consulting

Valora Product Updates

  • Rules Engine now supports Data Driven Rules, which automatically generates rules from data lists, retention policies, and corporate databases and ERP systems.
  • New tunable Confidence Level Rankings available for all metadata extraction and rules dispositions in PowerHouse.  Tune processing to you level of comfort!
  • Full integration with Tesseract OCR from Google, versions 3.0 & higher, for better text recognition and search results.
  • AutoRedaction now supports full, partial, transparent and blackbar redactions, with full or black & white TIFF images.

  • Point of View Pivoting toggles the center of reference across any important attribute, such as Document Count, Employee Count, Incident or Location.
  • Automatic link support from HR and ERP systems, such as UltiPro, take users directly from a database record to the supporting documentation behind it.
  • Custom maps display geographic data across a wide array of visualization options, from global to street-level, with many custom options.
  • Global editing lets user make single metadata changes or additions and have the apply everywhere applicable.

LegalTech News – March 29, 2017 – DTI Looks for Next Step E-Discovery, Info Gov with Minority Investment in Valora

The investment allows Valora to focus on technology development over services, while DTI’s clients get access to data classification technology.

By Ian Lopez

E-discovery is a buyer’s market, defined by large companies like LDiscovery and OpenText buying up industry players to enhance their own service delivery. But the biggest purchase monetarily in 2016 was made by DTI, which bought Epiq in a deal valued at $1 billion that merged the two companies.

The company’s investment aspirations, though, did not stop there. Today, DTI announced a minority investment in Valora, a Bedford, Massachusetts-based technology and services company focusing on a variety of legal document management tasks.

As part of investment round in which Valora accrued $1.75 million in equity funding, the investment allows DTI and Epiq clients access to Valora technology for automated data classification and data mining. For Valora, the investment allows the company to shift resources toward technology development, part of an existing plan to focus more on technology than services. Neither company would comment on the financial specifics of the investment.

Valora will remain an independent company, and it had a relationship with DTI prior to the investment, auto-coding documents for in-house company and e-discovery projects, Kevin Jacobs, vice president of mergers and acquisitions at DTI, told Legaltech News. He noted that DTI was currently working on “active proposals” to provide Valora, and that the technology was already available to some clients.

“The purpose of the investment is to help advance the development in [Valora’s] categorization engine” to make it more product-focused, Jacobs added. Primarily a technology-enabled services company, “they kind of eat their own cooking if you will, and so we wanted to expand the product. We needed the product to be more market facing, and to streamline some of the processes to make sure it’s super effective for us to provide the services for our clients.”

In terms of DTI’s investment strategy, the company wants the technology to make the company “part of the day to day process of data management and compliance,” for clients, Jacobs said. He added that the company is “certainly looking” at other technologies but not discussing them at this time.

Valora’s “auto-classification” technology automates different tasks on the legal workflow, applicable to e-discovery, records management, litigation and information governance, for which it was chosen as a finalist for different categories at the annual InfoGovCon event in 2015 and 2016. Prior to the investment, the company was primarily “provisioning services on [its] technology core,” Valora CEO Sandra Serkes told LTN.

“What’s starting to happen is there’s more and more demand for the technology itself,” she said.

Among Valora’s services are document coding, review, intake and visualization; analytics; and hosting. DTI’s services include litigation support, court reporting, and managed services.

View Full Article Here


Meet Valora at LegalTech 2017

Meet Valora at LegalWeek 2017 in New York City.  Come learn about AutoClassification by Matter Name & watch a live demo of PowerHouse and BlackCat!


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