By this point, you’re probably familiar with the concept of #AutoClassification – the hot, new technology that is rapidly overtaking manual file analysis and remediation.  

But did you know that there are multiple InfoGov use cases that highly benefit from AutoClassification? Solve your complex and varied content analysis needs with One Tool to Rule Them All – AutoClassification.   

Throughout this webinar Master Series, Sandra Serkes, President & CEO of Valora Technologies, along with experts from all over the Information Governance industry spectrum, will examine automated solutions for the main pillars of modern information management and control: ROT, remediation, retention, migration, data privacy, legal hold, compliance, analytics and much, much more!

Session One: One Tool to Rule Them All
Wednesday, January 16th, 1 pm EST

Session One kicks off Valora’s Universal AutoClassification Webinar Master Series with a focus on the fundamentals of AutoClassification, followed by an in-depth look at each of the modern Information Governance use cases.

This webinar session will provide:
1. Command over what AutoClassification really is, and why it’s becoming the go-to tool for modern enterprise data governance
2. A glimpse into automated records and retention analysis, ROT detection, migration, privacy and more
3. How to drive ROI for automated file analysis
4. A solid bridge for the goals, needs, budgets and mindsets of Legal, Records, Compliance and IT
5. A path to move from one-off point solutions to full Data Under Management

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Session Two: Records Retention/Lifecycle Management
Wednesday, March 13th, 1 pm EST

Your policies are in place, now what?

The evolution of electronic Records Retention continues to challenge even the most seasoned Information Governance professional. As the volume of data continues to grow within our corporate data environments, it becomes increasingly more complex to navigate, locate and contain data in common data silos such as email, fileshares, digital archives, and other data repositories.

Attendees will:

· Discover strategies to manage and implement recent advances in Records Retention/Lifecycle Management Technologies.
· See how other companies have successfully implemented Automated Retention and manage electronic records alongside paper.
· Learn how to critically evaluate their company’s retention policies, with an eye towards future-proofing.

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Session Three: Legal Hold
Wednesday, May 8th, 1 pm EST

How to move beyond custodian and date in order to optimize content under Legal Hold.

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Session Four: ROT & Migration
Wednesday, July 17th, 1 pm EST

This session will examine the latest technologies available that can automate the tedious task of manually eliminating ROT and de-duping your enterprise’s data.

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Session Five: Enriched Metadata Creation/Tagging
Wednesday, September 18th, 1 pm EST

Stop doing this by hand! India is not the answer…

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Session Six: Data Privacy
Wednesday, November 20th, 1 pm EST

This session will examine the tools and techniques to implement data privacy directives.

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Session Seven: The Future is Data Under Management
Wednesday, December 11th, 1 pm EST

Data Under Management is the future of information governance, and soon it’ll be the term every records manager will be talking about.

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