Privacy Policy

Valora Technologies, Inc. Security and Privacy Policies

The below text outlines the policies Valora Technologies, Inc. (“Valora”) uses to ensure the safety and confidentiality our customers’ data populations and other case material. In the following text, “case” or “project” refers to any exchange of service with Valora, including any sample work, consultations and data processing, even those with no resultant invoicing.

Privacy & Confidentiality
Valora does not share, sell, or in any way make public any customer information, data or analysis. Valora requests explicit customer permission before disclosing or making public any client or case information. Valora does not make project data available to other customers or partners unless explicitly authorized by the customer contracting the job. Valora regularly works under court protective orders and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as required by our customers and their clients.

Data Security during Processing
All data is password secured, accessible to authorized Valora personnel only. Valora maintains strict password policies on all user accounts and purges inactive accounts immediately. Valora uses separate storage locations and databases for each job. Data from multiple jobs is never mingled. Valora does not perform any cross-job data analysis. Valora computes only aggregate statistical performance metrics across jobs.

Data Security during Storage
Valora’s network is protected with both hardware and software firewalls. The Internet connection to the outside goes through a closed-port NetGear combination router-firewall and then through a Windows 2000 server running Microsoft-standard authentication and authorization services. VPN access is restricted to a small subset of Valora’s staff who are authenticated against a Windows 2000 access control list. Unless specifically arranged otherwise, Valora retains its processing results of job data for a period of three years to facilitate further processing related to the same case. Retention longer than three years may incur a data storage fee.

Data Transfer & Transmission
Only authorized personnel at Valora can sign for customer data received on physical media (e.g., CD-ROMs). Valora provides for electronic transfer of data using 128bit SSL. Data encryption is also available.

Valora’s facilities are locked at all times. When Valora personnel are not present, the facility alarm system is turned on. This alarm system automatically contacts the local police. Retained data are stored in redundant, fireproof facilities.

All Valora personnel undergo background checks prior to their employment with the company. All Valora personnel are United States citizens. Over 80% of Valora project staff have completed their NACI certifications and hold “Public Trust” level security clearance.