In this final session of the AutoClassification 101 Webinar series, presented by Epiq and Valora Technologies, Sandra Serkes and Julie Colgan look ahead to discuss “The Future of Information Governance and Content Services.”

In this session we explored:

  • Data Accumulation Realities: Where your data comes from, how quickly it accumulates, who uses and needs it, and what is likely to change over time.
  • Understanding Content Services: Is ECM really dead? How does a Content Services model work with Information Governance framework?
  • Future-Forward Information Governance: All cloud all the time, pro-active data analysis, real-time compliance and response, acceptable use and permissions, governance around IoT.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Predicting issues, changing behaviors and pre-empting crises. From whiz-bang to best practice, harnessing the power without destroying ourselves.

View the PowerPoint featured in this video here.