BFMA & Valora Technologies Present:

Designing Forms to Facilitate AutoClassification Live Webinar

Whether your are using paper or online forms, entering data is slow, tedious and error-prone for the data submitter. And just as slow, tedious and error-prone for the data recipient! Fortunately today there are software programs that “read” textual content, even from forms, to help with both the entry and extraction of key data. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to set up forms for #AutoClassification – come learn the difference and set your clients, your organization and yourself on the path to automation success.
Join Sandra Serkes, CEO & President of Valora Technologies, for a class in best practices around designing forms for AutoClassification, and an in-depth discussion about the crucial intersection between forms and the information they contain, particularly when they meet Records Management and Information Governance initiatives.
We’ll cover:
  • How to create and manage forms to assist Legal and Records workflows and processes down the line
  • How forms join other document types to become systems of record
  • What Information Governance is and how forms fit in
  • Re-thinking forms as unit information repositories
  • Introduction to AutoClassification – how machine learning automatically derives information from forms and why organizations need this capability in a modern information management environment
  • The future of forms in an information-rich world

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