Case Study: Automated Communications and Data Mapping

BlackCat Helps Uncover Critical Relationship And Unauthorized Information Disclosure


In the world of long-term healthcare, one of the hardest challenges is to keep track of who is providing what care to whom and whether or not they are doing so following the best practices and established guidelines of the employer.


With numerous employees in multiple locations throughout the United States, tracking job performance, protocol adherence and informal communications relationships can be a tall task.  With the added pressures of a potential litigation in the mix, it can be downright herculean.


Fortunately, this Top 5 provider of long-term health care services turned to Valora to help organize and map the case documents and internal communications, including those associations between people that might not otherwise be apparent.  Using AutoCoding, AutoReview, and BlackCat Data Visualization, Valora was able to process 2 separate matters in a 2-week period, including full document coding, first pass issues review and relationship and topic mapping. 


These efforts helped the client organize and map the communications and data flow in their organization, as well as identify a wholly inappropriate series of email information exchanges between an administrative employee and many of their health care centers.   Without this tool, the unacceptable behavior would likely have continued, creating an ever-larger liability for future litigation.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used: