Case Study: Solving the “Priv Log” Panic

Top Law Firm Realizes Major Efficiency Gain By Automating Per-Email-String Privilege Information Capture & Priv Log Creation


Nothing causes an instant headache like having to go back through a mountain of already Reviewed-for-Privilege emails just to separate out each unit conversation between the parties, and re-determine privilege at the unique email “string” level.  Yet, this is routinely what many law firms do when it comes time to make the dreaded Priv Log – a detailed listing of withheld email communications that lists what was withheld, why it was withheld, who the communication was from and to, and what it discussed.


One AmLaw 250 (Top 5) law firm decided to utilize Valora’s AutoClassification technology, and take Automating Priv Logs one step further, while saving their client time and money.


Utilizing AutoCoding and Rules-Based review, Valora automatically “de-threaded” each Privileged email conversation string into its unit components, so that each unique communication could be evaluated for Attorney-Client Product Privilege.  Noting Authors, Recipients, Copyees and Blind Copyees for each unit communication thread, Valora automatically identified which email “stringlets” were protected under Attorney-Client Privilege, and which were not.  As a further benefit, Valora also automatically identified precisely when and how Privilege was broken in specific instances, based on the send/receive history of Authors and Recipients in the chain.


The large law firm client estimated they saved their client over $125,000 in manual labor costs and several days of time. They were so pleased with the output results that they have since returned to Valora for numerous matters requiring the same treatment. 

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Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

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