Case Study: Automating Data Extraction for Mass Torts

Legal & Law Firm Service Provider: AutoClassification for Medical Device Class Actions


Valora was approached by a mass torts and class actions service provider assisting parties involved in medical device civil suits to automate the cumbersome data extraction efforts required to document patient activity and events. Their premise? Automation would be helpful, time-saving and lower cost than manual data entry of over a dozen critical fields. The client’s team of nurses was becoming exceedingly overwhelmed with the massive amount of medical case filings they receive on a weekly basis. With a growing backlog against tight docket timelines, this client needed a better approach.


Medical device mass torts are notoriously complex and individualized in their settlement needs. The unique challenge was to apply both the PowerHouse base analysis platform and its Quality Control User Interface (“QCUI”) to a variety of medical data, varying from radiology reports, to invoices, to individual patient profiles, to court transcripts.


Armed with the Client’s guidebook of the specific fields to capture, written and utilized by their nursing team every day, the Valora Implementation team was able to configure PowerHouse to exactly match these guidelines, including a provision to map to regularly updating guidelines. Ultimately, PowerHouse provided automated extraction of over a dozen key fields of data, ranging from product names, to manufacturers and SKU numbers, to dates of diagnosis, implantation and complications.


From there, PowerHouse pushed the results to both QCUI for nursing Quality Control, and to its BlackCat data visualization platform. QCUI provided the client with a platform for nurses to manually review the fielded data extraction and make edits, as needed, while BlackCat provided the Client’s administration team with a bird’s eye view of the full data set during and post-processing.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

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