Case Study: Automated Universal Language Translation

Multi-National Fortune 500 Corporation Easily Translates 1000’s Of Foreign Language Documents into English in under a Week


Like most large corporations, Valora’s Fortune 200 client has offices and personnel all over the world.  Conducting business on a truly global scale means managing documents and files in dozens of languages.


With litigation support centralized in the United States, however, this client had a real need to bring document content onto a “level playing field.” That meant converting foreign content to English.  Expecting to hire a translation agency and pay many hundreds of thousands of dollars for manual translation, they contacted Valora for a better solution.


Using Valora’s PowerHouse AutoServices Engine, Valora quickly and easily AutoTranslated several thousand documents from Spanish, French, German and Japanese into English in under a week.  Covering file types ranging from email and other correspondence (faxes, memos, letters, etc.) to charts, spreadsheets and graphics, Valora’s AutoTranslation service created a single, English-language baseline for all further analysis.

Once documents and files were in English, Valora was able to apply other automated services to the once-mixed population, supplying additional services, such as NearDuplicates, AutoIndexing and AutoRedaction.


The client was flabbergasted when Valora’s AutoTranslation quote was less than 1/10th what they had been quoted for traditional (manual) translation! Rapid decision-making, sometimes even automated decision-making, combined with far lower costs make AutoTranslation an irresistible choice for assessing and managing document content in a global world.

Solutions Applied:




Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

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