Case Study: Assessing the Best Outsourced Document Review

International Pharmaceutical Company savvy General Counsel’s office runs a document review face-off


With more than 300 pending litigation matters at any given time, this GC’s office wanted to answer the question once and for all: which outsourced doc review provided the best bang for the buck? Was it outside counsel, given their experience with both client and subject matter? Was it onshore outsourcing, with its US-based and trained hourly labor force? Or was it offshore outsourcing with its unbeatable hourly rate?


Identifying and marking a “truth set” as a benchmark, the GCO asked 6 organizations to review the same set of documents for responsiveness, privilege and a handful of key issues. Each team had unlimited time and access to key individuals for questions.


When it came time to score the results, this pharmaceutical turned to Valora to help evaluate and grade the work product of 6 independent reviews of the same material.

Using a sophisticated sampling technique and computerized scoring, Valora helped the client realize that NONE of the teams had produced an accurate or defensible result. In fact, the results were so alarming that this pharmaceutical decided to re-evaluate their whole approach to document review for litigation.


Returning to Valora about 12 months later, the client incorporated automated methods to perform and test document review efforts on an ongoing basis, with estimates that this approach will save over $10M in manual labor costs annually.

Solutions Applied:

Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used: