Case Study: 2 Weeks to Re-Review Enormous IP Matter for International Telecommunications Company

Mass Auto Review Solution Completes 11 Million Pages In 8 Days, Saving Over $2 Million


The only thing harder than having to live through a 6-month document review with dozens of outsourced contract attorneys is having to do it all again.

That’s exactly what this international telecommunications giant faced when the judge told counsel to reduce 80+ document requests to 10 and start over.  That meant a complete re-dux of their first pass review effort – one that took over 6 months and many millions of dollars to complete. 


With only 2 weeks to go, this client looked to Valora to automate the responsiveness assessment using intelligence-guided software.


With twelve 1.5-hour software runs over an 8-day period, Valora assessed the document requests, built a custom-configured rules engine and repeatedly crawled the client’s data in a matter of hours. 


In close consultation with both outside and inside counsel, the Valora team produced 40% fewer documents in under 2 weeks, meeting the judge’s strict deadline with ease.  But the best part for the client was the $2 million in savings compared to outsourced contract attorney review.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used: