Information Governance Solutions Workshops

Our Information Governance Workshop is specifically designed by Valora’s Information Governance consultants, armed with years of experience in enterprise information management.  Each workshop helps organizations explore, uncover, and prioritize their information challenges, initiatives, procedures, and policies around Information Governance and content control.

Valora’s Information Governance Workshops team focuses on the document/content/file/records management side of Information Governance – the practical, hands-on management and control of data.

The Information Governance workshops assesses the client’s key business functions and information management practices, resulting in a prioritized, custom plan of action based around the organization’s unique:

  • IG and RIM policies
  • Risk tolerance
  • Culture
  • Compliance
  • Business objectives
  • Existing tools
  • Stored and emergent information

Comprehensive Visioning Meeting

The kickoff and visioning meeting is designed to assemble key stakeholders of the organization who have accountability for the effective governance of information, and those who have a key interest in how information is governed and utilized.

Personalized Solutions

Our Solution Consultants conduct interviews with key stakeholders and functional areas to understand current information-related processes, standards, expectations and challenges. Following the workshop, a report describing the assessment and interview responses is provided to the organization for review, edit and distribution to the key stakeholders.

Interactive Activities

The client will be guided through practical sessions on existing and emerging data/file/content tools available to the organization. What’s in place, what’s usable, what’s missing, what’s needed? We will also walk you through live demonstrations of Valora’s software platforms, PowerHouse & BlackCat, including a full demo of each, particularly as they apply to previous discussions around best practices, Information Governance implementation and execution, and needed/missing capabilities.

Expert Recommendations

Our team will present you with recommendations specific to your organizational objectives, prioritized by severity of risk, level of effort, time to remediation, interdependencies and estimated cost.

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