Document Review

Increasingly used as a substitute for or pre-cursor to eyes-on manual review of documents, technology has made considerable inroads in lessening and easing the Doc Review burden.

Whether its leveraging our Rules-Based Technology Assisted Review (TAR), managing a review from top to bottom – our facility or yours – or simply sourcing staff, Valora offers a wide range of premier outsourced document review solutions.

Long before it was fashionable, Valora pioneered the use of statistical pattern-matching technology to “pre-populate” documents with appropriate fielded information for privilege, responsiveness, issue codes and workflow routing. Since 2000 we have been leveraging the extraordinary capabilities of our PowerHouse automated services processing platform to perform a fully automated “first pass” of all documents. Supplementing this effort with rigorous page-by-page Quality Control (QC), and iterative stratified sampling audits, Valora ensures outstanding accuracy in all our processes. With a fifteen year, 22 billion page history providing document coding & review for some of the world’s most respected organizations and governments, Valora has earned a strong reputation as a high quality, rapid-turnaround, cost-efficient provider of strategic data capture and document disposition services.

Imagine being able to automatically redact your population at the touch of a button, add 50+ issue codes to your Document Review protocol, or run your Document Review 3 different ways and compare the results…

Valora has been proving the future is now with its automated solutions for document data mining, coding & review for over fifteen years. Come see why Valora was voted Best Document Coding solution by our clients nine years in a row!

Valora’s Document Review Services are available in fully-automated, semi-automated, and fully manual approaches. Contact us to learn which method is right for your project.


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“Whether it’s AutoCoding a single field, Basic Bib coding for litigation, or complex Issue Coding for Document Review, the Valora approach simply can’t be beat for efficiency, price and accuracy.”
Managing Attorney, US federal agency