Redaction & PII Detection

The hallmark of effective redaction is the ability to mitigate and control the risks surrounding sensitive information.

Valora provides advanced, flexible document redaction services using our state-of-the-art technology platform. Combined with strong Project Management and industry-leading best practices, Valora delivers aggressive pricing and turnaround timeframes that make a significant difference in your project or scenario.

Valora’s critically acclaimed PowerHouse platform allows us to redact multiple types of sensitive information concurrently across heterogeneous (dissimilar) document and file populations. We handle myriad information capture and redaction options, across hundreds of document types, industries and instances. We are particularly sensitive to managing, handling, protecting and redacting Personally Identifying Information (“PII”), Private Health Information (“PHI”), competitive corporate information, issues of work product and privilege and other sensitive information content.

Valora’s Redaction services include straight redaction to blacked out text, redaction to black-out with custom overlay text (ex: “Intentionally Removed”), highlighted “see-through” proposed/temporary redactions that can be reviewed by attorneys or in other systems, and more.

Valora’s Redaction Services are available in fully-automated, semi-automated, and fully manual approaches. Contact us to learn which method is right for your project.


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“Outsourcing redaction saved our lives. We would never have finished otherwise.”
Associate General Counsel, Federal Government Agency