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Language MapUse sophisticated AutoTranscription to quickly and painlessly convert your audio, video and voicemail files to text

Valora’s PowerHouse processing platform automatically translates documents written in nearly any foreign language easily and quickly to English (or any other desired language). PowerHouse also employs sophisticated Speech-to-Text algorithms to automatically convert spoken words into time-sequenced, searchable text.

AutoTranslation helps managers, attorneys, and auditors alike easily review information stemming from foreign sources. Since AutoTranslation is accomplished in almost real-time, there is no longer a need to delay actions while waiting for the content to be translated by specialists. Rapid decision-making, sometimes even automated decision-making, combined with much lower costs make AutoTranslation an irresistible choice for assessing and managing document content in a global world.

AutoTranscription helps discovery, compliance and records professionals manage and organize audio and video files in their organizations and content repositories.  AutoTranscription is equally suitable for stored voicemail, recorded online meetings and webinars, video files, depositions, broadcast media and many other sources of spoken content.

Valora’s AutoTranlation Service provides instant translation to and from more than 65 world languages, while our AutoTranscription yields seamless conversion of audio & video files to text. Contact us to learn how to incorporate AutoTranslation or AutoTranscription for your project.




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“PowerHouse AutoTranslation quickly and easily transformed our German, Spanish, Japanese and French documents into English.”
Legal Operations Manager, Fortune 50 Corporation