Unitization brings order to document boundaries and attachments the way a dictionary brings order to words.

Valora provides sophisticated, thorough document unitization services using our magnify-file_110545871advanced technology platform, PowerHouse. Combined with strong Project Management, industry-leading best practices, and more than a decade of complex unitization experience, Valora delivers organization, structure and control to your documents, be they paper, ESI or some combination.

Valora’s unitization services have been used by some of the world’s largest corporations, law firms and federal agencies to identify and mark the start and end of documents, as well as organize files by attachment families, conversation threads, billing and routing information, and more. We are intimately familiar with the nuances of specialized coding and unitization specifications.

Valora’s approach allows us to rapidly automate much of the unitization effort, greatly reducing cost and turnaround time for structured litigation files and comprehensive records management.

Valora’s unitization services include identifying logical document divisions (Begin/End) from physical boundaries, re-organizing single-pages and de-constructing solid blocks of combined pages. Unitization services can include email conversation de-threading, near-duplicate detection, clustering by attribute, automated classification and more.

Valora’s unitization services are available in fully-automated, semi-automated, and fully manual approaches. Contact us to learn which method is right for your project.


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