Records Management Solutions

Smart, highly-automated solutions for a vast array of Records & Information Management needs

Doc-manage-cube_180263669Applying our vast experience analyzing and managing large-scale document repositories for litigation, Valora is now a leading provider of such services for Records Management and Information Governance needs. Guided primarily by our interactions with corporate clients, Valora now provisions the following Records Management services for corporations, law firms and government agencies:

  • Large-scale, multi-state file conversion or scanning efforts
  • Data migration efforts from paper to digital, unstructured to structured and flat database systems to relational
  • Email and Shared Drives Content Classification
  • Document Retention Strategies and Implementation
  • Contracts management, analysis and classification
  • A/P & A/R document reconciliation for billing/invoicing
  • Workflow routing for mail, questionnaires, surveys, faxes, and other documentation
  • Repository management for personnel files, filtered news stories, parts documentation, attorney work product, and publicly mandated database management
  • Compliance solutions for HIPAA, sensitive information/PII, communications/disclosure policy assurance
  • Brand Integrity and Protection
  • Professional Services for Document Management & Workflow consulting

Over fifteen years ago, Valora pioneered the use of Statistical Pattern-Matching to understand and interpret documents for a variety of issues and purposes. Today, those capabilities now manifest as the unrivaled ability to automatically capture unlimited information about any document or file, as well as provide sophisticated analytics and dispositions on its content. Contact us to design a custom-configured, cutting-edge solution for your unique Records Management challenge!