Information Governance Solutions

Coordination & Control of Big Data

valora-w_67743352Digital and document assets are the lifeblood of any knowledge-based organization. It is no surprise that these assets are ballooning in volume and complexity, with commensurate risk and exposure in their management, retention, analysis and disclosure.
Valora’s solutions for Information Governance revolve around intelligent organization and control of data, documents and content using rigorous methodologies and best practices from our Litigation & eDiscovery heritage. Valora’s Professional Services teams deliver Information Governance Solutions for:

  • Litigation Readiness & Data Preservation
  • Document Retention Policies, with defensible deletion, managed obsolescence, and integration with litigation holds
  • Managed eDiscovery processes and operation with predictable monthly pricing models
  • Early case assessment of incoming materials from client or third parties. Includes Rules-Based Assessment of claims validity and strength, as well trending and forecasting of Issues over time
  • Email and Shared Drives Content Classification
  • Contracts management, analysis and defensible deletion.
  • Repository management for personnel files, filtered news stories, parts documentation, attorney work product, and publicly mandated database management
  • Compliance solutions for HIPAA, sensitive information/PII, communications/disclosure policy assurance, and Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs)
  • Brand Integrity and Protection solutions
  • Professional Services Document Management & Workflow consulting
  • Easy, secure Web-hosting for internal document repositories, public databases and other Business Intelligence needs

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