Efficient and cost-effective document processing, analysis, review and hosting for eDiscovery, litigation and investigations.

Increasingly more cases are being resolved prior to trial, such that pretrial activities – like eDiscovery, Early Case Assessment and Workflow Design – are largely determining risks, costs and outcomes. Very often clients must disclose their document management policies and processes, and be prepared to defend their choices. Valora Technologies provides the guidance you need to optimize your litigation profile and more efficiently make intelligent choices about workflow, processing and production.

  • Managed eDiscovery processing with predictable monthly pricing model
  • Document collections (onsite & remote)
  • Data filtering and culling
  • ESI processing and conversion
  • GapFill OCR, AutoCoding & Unitization

Efficient management of eDiscovery delivers predictable costs and peace of mind for you and your clients.

Data Mining for eDiscovery: Valora’s Proven Approach

Locate, identify and organize content for litigation from multiple sources with Valora’s 5-step methodology and AutoClassification technology.

Gather relevant documents for Early Data Assessment (EDA)

Scan and locate content from all disparate data sources across the entire business; from emails and embedded attachments to shared drives and cloud storage environments.

Identify appropriate case content.

Identify and remove all content considered Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial data (ROT). Identify files that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive corporate information, and execute thorough content searches by keyword, custodian, case number, etc.

Efficiently audit and analyze entire data sets.

Preview documents, automate transcription of audio/video files and automate translation of foreign language documents into English for easier review and management.

Classify and make decisions on disposition of content.

Automatically classify documents, remove redundant data, and migrate final data sets to a third-party review platforms.

Automate document rules for eDiscovery.

Constantly monitor and audit data environments for new and edited content and automatically apply appropriate rules to identification and disposition of data.

Legal Hold

Discover how Valora facilitates efficient risk mitigation, litigation and eDiscovery strategies.

Data Privacy & Security

Learn how Valora locates and actions Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

ROT & Migration

See how Valora reduces redundant data and streamlines data migrations

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