Legal Hold

Establish, prepare and automate processes to govern content under Legal Hold.

While organizations employ Legal Hold to avoid risk and comply with preservation obligations to both inside and outside counsel, challenges often arise around the vetting and accuracy of what content to keep under Legal Hold. Which data? Whose data? For how long?  With changing custodians, access controls, and data privacy concerns, counsel are increasingly challenged with having to sift through what’s relevant and what it is not.

Valora’s approach to managing Legal Hold uses the PowerHouse AutoClassification Suite to:

  • Perform content analysis to properly identify appropriate content subject to Legal Hold
  • Exclude irrelevant content and Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data (ROT) from weighing down data stores
  • Tag enterprise content with file attributes and rich metadata such as doc type, custodian, dates, keywords, retention dates, and more
  • Apply automated rules for disposition handling
  • Remediate content coming off Legal Hold
  • Automate ongoing, perpetual analysis & disposition of all relevant content

Valora’s Powerhouse platform offers a better way to manage Legal Hold using AutoClassification.

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Session 3:
Managing Legal Hold
with AutoClassification

Managing Legal Hold: Valora’s Proven Approach

Identify and organize appropriate content for Legal Hold from multiple sources with Valora’s 5-step methodology and AutoClassification technology.

Crawl repositories to scan all content.

Scan and locate content from all disparate data sources across the entire business; from emails and embedded attachments to shared drives and cloud storage environments.

Identify appropriate content to be placed under Legal Hold.

Identify and remove all content considered Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial data (ROT). Identify files that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive corporate information under Legal Hold.

Efficiently audit and analyze entire data sets.

Preview documents, automate transcription of audio/video files and automate translation of foreign language documents into English for easier review and management.

Classify and make decisions on the handling of content for Legal Hold.

Automatically classify documents, remove redundant data, and migrate final data sets to third-party review platforms.

Automate document rules for Legal Hold.

Constantly monitor and audit data environments for new and edited content under Legal Hold and automatically apply appropriate rules for identification and disposition of data.


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