The powerful machine-learning classification engine at the core of Valora Technologies’ PowerHouse AutoClassification platform.

Valora’s PowerHouse platform analyzes virtually unlimited volumes of enterprise data with unmatched classification and disposition capabilities and is being used by corporations, government agencies, and professional services firms worldwide.

  • Eliminate the need for manual document searching, data entry & document classification 
  • Satisfy regulatory and data privacy regulations
  • Rapid deployment in flexible technology environments

A powerful machine-learning platform to classify, organize & control multiple silos of corporate information.

PowerHouse Features

Supports Data Silos Across the Enterprise

PowerHouse supports content ingestion or processing in place across a wide variety of data sources using RESTful APIs and underlying SQL database services. Easily migrate only the right data to new repositories, ECMs or the cloud. Completely customizable Rules Engine provides pinpoint retention, metadata, redaction and migration.

Flexible implementation

PowerHouse on Premises (PHOP)

The standalone version of PowerHouse is designed to live permanently behind your enterprise firewall (or in your private cloud or data center), running locally against your data stores.

Custom-configured by the Valora Implementation Team, and then handed over to your IT or Information Governance/Records & Information Management group for routine maintenance and monitoring, PHOP makes back-file and day-forward document processing and maintenance a seamless task.


PowerHouse in the Cloud (PHIC) / SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Installation of PowerHouse within a client’s private cloud, third-party cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), or Valora’s private cloud, using cloud-provider’s hardware (VMs), and managed/maintained by Valora’s Professional Services resources.

PHIC is similar to PHOP in that the client maintains control and assumes responsibilities for the data, but maintenance, upgrades, and any re-configuration is managed by Valora.

Rich MetaData Application for Business Documents

PowerHouse automatically captures 500+ fields of unique metadata with standard support for attributes such as: Document Type, Title or Subject, Authors, Recipients and Custodians; Geographical Locations, Brand Names Government Entities, Confidentiality, Near Duplicates, and all manner of critical Dates.

Automatic compliance with Data Retention policies & Legal Holds
AutoClassification for ROT, Retention & Legal Hold

Through machine-learning technology, PowerHouse automatically finds, understands and interprets corporate files to determine appropriate retention strategy and execution, including identification and protection of content under Legal Hold. PowerHouse further identifies ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) content with no business, legal or regulatory value and isolates or defensibly deletes material as required.

AutoRedaction of PII, PHI & Other Sensitive Data

PowerHouse automatically finds & protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in your corporate files. Add a layer of security with permanent, temporary or selective AutoRedactions, locking down content at the file or data item level. Comply with data privacy regulations, including FOIA requests, the GDPR and DSARs.

AutoTranslation & Language Detection

PowerHouse automatically detects and translates foreign language documents into English for easier review and management.

Automated Document Review (TAR) for Privilege, Responsiveness & Issues


Learn best practices for the automation of document processing, analysis and disposition.

Information Governance

Discover best practices in Information Governance and data management.


See how Valora automates document intake and processing for Data Clearinghouses.

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