Data Security

Apply security access controls to sensitive data to comply with data privacy, regulatory and internal/external security regulations.

Disparate data repositories and unclassified content leaves many organizations vulnerable when it come to data security and security access controls. Valora enables businesses of all sizes to get a handle on their data security by first assessing and implementing a data security strategy for content permissions across the business.

  • Identification of content that contains sensitive or confidential information (corporate contracts, employment agreements, intellectual property, etc)
  • AutoClassification and AutoRedaction based on content and user permissions
  • Native connectivity to existing data repositories

Identify and secure sensitive corporate and confidential data through AutoClassification.

Security Access Controls

Establish security access levels and protocols for sensitive content across the enterprise.

Enterprise data is constantly changing, moving and expanding. Identifying sensitive data is one thing, but applying security and access protocols for that sensitive data must be managed and controlled dynamically to ensure data privacy, regulatory and internal compliance is met. Valora Technologies’ PowerHouse AutoClassification Suite allows businesses to:

  • Autoclassify data based on content and business rules for proper handling and protection
  • Establish security protocols and disposition of data regarding access and control
  • On-demand auto-redaction for sensitive or confidential content
  • Securely transfer, store and archive sensitive data to third-party data repositories

Implementing Data Security: Valora’s Proven Approach

Locate PII, corporate and other sensitive data from multiple sources across the entire enterprise with Valora’s 5-step methodology and AutoClassification technology.

Uncover all content that contains corporate and sensitive data.

Scan and locate content from all disparate data sources across the entire business; from emails and embedded attachments to shared drives and cloud storage environments.

Determine the context of the sensitive data.

Identify all files that contain sensitive data. Not just Personally Identifiable Information (PII) but also sensitive corporate information like employment agreements, financial statements and contracts.

Understand the data & make business decisions.

View reports, preview documents and better understand data residency, trends and activities across your business so you can make business decisions on how to handle sensitive information. Create rules and user permissions based on content, location, custodian or other file attributes.

Establish processes on how to handle sensitive content.

Automatically classify files by content, location, or other attributes. Automate rules for data handling of specific content. AutoRedact content based on user permissions. Apply custom retention schedules and security access controls to files that contain sensitive data.

Automate the application of processes and procedures.

Constantly monitor and audit data environments for new and edited content and automatically apply appropriate rules to secure and protect sensitive data.

Data Privacy

Identify & action Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Information Governance

Discover best practices in Information Governance and data management.

ROT & File Clean-Up

See how Valora reduces Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data to keep data stores clean and compliant.

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