Solution Spotlight: Business Transformation

The Gartner Glossary defines digital business transformation as the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create robust new digital business models.

AutoClassification facilitates Business Transformation by automating content digitalization, managing document classification & disposition, and automating business processes.


5 Ways AutoClassification technology assists in Business Transformation:


1. AutoClassification

Automate document classification. Scan and locate content from disparate data sources across the entire enterprise, automatically classify files by content, apply rich metadata and automate rules for defensibly handling content.


2. Business Process Automation

Establish processes and workflows. Create automated, event-based schedules and workflows that determine outcomes for the retention and disposition of data based on the context of the content: personal data, records categorization and management, data sweeps and migrations, content acquisitions & divestitures, etc.


3. Clearinghouse Solutions

Streamline business processes. Business process automation, content service providers and data processors & aggregators can streamline and automate document intake, content analysis, and fielded data extraction to supplement their hosting and analysis of targeted content.


4. Digitization

Automate OCR, Tagging & Redaction. Use scanning and digital imaging technologies to convert legacy paper records and automate the transformation of digital images and PDFs into searchable digital text.  Automatically redact sensitive content and tag with key attribute metadata.


5. Document Transformation

Document & format conversion. Automate the organization, structure, analysis and control of enterprise documents – be they paper documents, digital files or a combination of both.

AutoRedaction: Automate content redaction. 

Manage, handle, protect and redact PII, PHI, PCI, competitive corporate information, personal data, issues of work product and other sensitive information.

AutoTranscription: Covert audio, video and voicemail files to usable text. 

AutoTranscription helps discovery, compliance and records professionals manage, organize, analyze and search audio and video files.

AutoTranslation: Automate real-time translation. 

Automatically detect and translate foreign language documents into English (or any other language) for easier review and management.

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