Top 10 Reasons IG Projects Fail Whitepaper


Top 10 Reasons IG Projects Fail

Leading practices, lessons learned & tips to keep your projects on track


A joint white paper by:

  • Sandra Serkes, Valora Technologies, Inc.
  • Eric Derk, Ernst & Young, LLP
  • Caroline Higgins, Ernst & Young, LLP
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Too many Information Governance initiatives begin with the words: “we should”.

That’s helpful, and implies importance, but not necessarily urgency. Compare “we should” with “we must” and you instantly see (and feel) the difference. Until organizations feel the sting of poorly managed enterprise content and records, they will tend to place IG efforts into the “nice to have” category, often dooming them from the start.

To assist those in the throes of this should-we/shouldn’t-we dichotomy, we give you a comprehensive set of lessons learned, complete with horror stories and cautionary tales so that you may benefit from our collective prior experience and overcome the typical hurdles so many organizations face.

Let our battle scars show you what not to do, and by extension, what to do to maximize your achievement. Here’s to your knowledge and success!

~ Sandy, Eric and Caroline

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