AutoClassification for Brand Integrity

Case Study


Fortune 200 Corporation Uses PowerHouse to Identify & Tag Content from Incoming News Feeds & Social Media


When you think of smuggling and counterfeiting, it is easy to conjure up images of pirates and thieves stealing precious booty. But in today’s high stakes product branding world, illicit activity is no fairy tale. Like many large corporations with strong brand name investments and regulated product environments, Valora’s Fortune 200 consumer products client was seeking a way to organize and manage a constant stream of new, incoming content.  The 24×7 barrage of global media from articles, video and social media needed to be tracked across dozens of key topics, such as brands, parties and geographic regions of interest concerning the illicit manufacture, sale and smuggling of their products.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Metadata Tagging

Electronic File Processing

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used:




As a global organization with dozens of brands, this client needed a Brand Integrity Analysis solution that wouldn’t break the bank.  The robust solution had to support to content collating and centralized intake from numerous sources; elimination of duplicates; content cataloging; trend forecasting; vital connections tracking and relationships display; and information storage and retrieval on the fly. 


Valora put together a comprehensive solution that was based on PowerHouseTM AutoClassification system with the BlackCat Data Visualization Platform add-on module.  The customized intake system provides multi-variate field capture and indexing, with secure online access for all users in the department in a convenient, monthly, “all-in” pricing model. 


Each month, over 1,000 relevant, fully-indexed documents enter the system and are automatically push-notified by topic area to users.  The Valora solution reduced the cost, time and efforts of the previously all-manual approach by over $250,000 per year.