AutoClassification for Contracts & Supporting Info

Case Study


International Joint Venture Industrial Energy Project organizes content across multiple repositories in one central command system


Valora was approached by a large, industrial energy project group, representing a consortium of five of the largest oil & energy companies in the world, seeking a tool to help manage and sort their project-related content spread across several repositories, on premises and in the cloud. As a multi-year, multi-billion dollar industrial energy project, the group has numerous, large oil and gas investors, stakeholders, suppliers and staff. One of the key concerns is to manage and monitor evidentiary content related to insurance, performance, liability, and billing claims over the ten-year construction and implementation timeframe.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Security Access Controls

Electronic File Processing

Rules-Based Disposition

Products Used:




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The Client has multiple complex contracts, often consisting of thousands of pages of detailed clauses, sub-agreements, modifications and amendments. Given the scale of this venture, there is an ever-increasing number of construction design documents, contracts and change orders, invoices and claims, all requiring ongoing tagging and classification. Compounding the subject-matter complexity is the fact that the information lives in several special-purpose repositories, including SharePoint®, Exchange® Email, ProCon® and SmartPlant®. Ideally, this Client needed a tool to identify, tag and be cognizant of this evolving content while leaving it in its respective locations for active day-to-day use. Once tagged and monitored, the Client would achieve full knowledge of what their content contained and where it was located for streamlined search, retrieval and reporting.


The first step in this project was to connect Valora’s PowerHouse AutoClassification platform to the Client’s repositories using live APIs. This enabled a live crawl of the systems every few minutes to account for all existing, new and changing content in near real-time. The second phase of the project was to automatically classify the content with key fields for contractual information, such as: Nature of Contract, Parties, Signatories, Jurisdiction, Business Area, Pricing Terms and Confidentiality clauses. Part of the customization for this client included unique document types for every phase of the project’s construction and maintenance. The final step was a streamlined, user-friendly, cross-repository dashboard, BlackCat, which acts as a central command system between repositories and content.


The Client saw immediate results in tagging, sorting and organizing their content, and immediately upgraded their user base to enable more of the team to access their critical content this way. Now eager to move to a larger scale project, after witnessing both
PowerHouse’s and BlackCat’s capabilities when applied to their content, discussions are underway to upgrade the organization at an enterprise level, for all content and staff across the world. Furthermore, given the worldwide scale of the joint venture partners
themselves, Valora has been recommended to a number of similar industrial energy projects facing the same information management challenges.