Optimizing HR for the Modern World

Case Study


A look at Roche Bros. digitization transformation


Roche Bros. Supermarkets, Inc., one of New England’s most respected and well-known regional retailers, realized the management of their personnel files was archaic. Associate status changes and new hires were cumbersome paper processes where the paperwork had to be manually filed each week. Inquiries required many hours searching through paper files, retrieving, scanning and e-mailing documents just to have to re-file them when done. Further complicating things, physical files were spread among dozens of loosely defined categories, and in a few cases, even mixed in with other paperwork.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining


Products Used:




With 5,000 Associates, this $600 million organization knew they needed a better solution, and a partner with the technology and experience to solve this problem once and for all.


Valora utilized both their Powerhouse™ AutoClassification software, and BlackCat™ Data Visualization technologies. After first digitizing all 200,000 files and creating a solid set of searchable file content, PowerHouse automatically created a rich set of contextual metadata for each file, including information about Store Associate Name, ID number, Position, and Store Location, as well as the more typical Document Type, Document Date and Author.

Capitalizing on both the full text and rich metadata, the PowerHouse Rules Engine then AutoClassified the status of each employee, uploading all records to a unique folder structure in a secure, private-cloud BlackCat database where store management teams and the HR department alike can easily access any files needed within seconds.


Today, pulling Associate files takes a fraction of the time, with all relevant information located in one easy-to-access, secure, online location.  Furthermore, with persistent re-classification, all Associate information is always up-to-date.  Personnel reviews are accurate, problems are identified quicker, and Valora is always on hand to troubleshoot, implement changes and upgrade and maintain their cloud-based installation.