3 Million Documents: 11-Member Litigation Firm

Case Study


Small Firm Leaps To Forefront of Efficiency & Cost Control by Leveraging Technology


The experienced litigators at this well-known law firm are rarely daunted by large challenges, and a recent construction matter with over 3 million documents was no exception.  Even though they were up against much larger firms and state agencies, the team knew they had technology and low-cost alternatives on their side.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used:



To help manage incoming materials from over a dozen parties and FOIA requests, the client turned to Valora Technologies to organize, process, and present the data as efficiently as possible.


Using its PowerHouse AutoIndexing and AutoReview technology platform, Valora routinely processed over 100,000 documents a day, saving countless hours of support staff time. 


The client was able to hand-pick which documents to add a layer of manual quality control to and which to leave alone post-automation.  This blended “Level of Treatment” approach ensured efficient and cost-effective use of the client’s budget.

Based on their successes working with Valora on numerous matters, the client has incorporated AutoCoding & AutoReview as best practices into all of their major construction litigation matters at the firm.