Major Northeast City Selects Valora PowerHouse to Perform City-wide AutoClassification

Case Study


Implements breakthrough solution to manage 30 TB of data


A major metropolitan city in the Northeast United States had a familiar problem.  Electronic content had been slowly accumulating over the course of the last 20 years with little to no governance around its use, disposal, classification or purpose.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used:




Seeking to manage this content “similar to how we manage paper records,” the City Archives department put out a wide-ranging Request for Proposals.  They specifically oriented their search around electronic-content crawlers that could perform rich and deep analysis, now and on an ongoing basis.


They ultimately selected Valora Technologies to implement PowerHouse™, and BlackCat™.

Specific tasks included:

  • Analyzing content to create a rich set of metadata tags related to Document Type, Key Topics & Subjects,
  • Identify files for permanent records status, ROT removal and migration to specific file repositories
  • Automated Content Classification to map all files to a rigorous retention schedule
  • Data presentation of metadata tags, rules and other attributes via a “beautiful” graphical interface
  • Support ongoing processing and management of files throughout each file’s lifecycle


Beginning with the City Clerk’s Office, PowerHouse is actively being implemented to analyze and AutoClassify over 30 TB of City data across a retention schedule of more than 270 Record Types.  From there, the plan is to roll out customized capabilities to 33 City departments and 17 silos of content, both on premises and in the Google government cloud.