Using Predictive Analytics and Document Data Mining to Classify and Catalog Contracts

Case Study


International Fortune 50 Organization Utilizes Valora to Classify & Manage 25,000 Contracts


A large, international Fortune 50 consumer products company, had saved and stored every contract and agreement since the dawn of time, leaving many of them still in paper format.

In an effort to get control of the potential liabilities and obligations upon their organization, the Client’s corporate legal department decided to centralize organization and control of all its contracts. 

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used:



The goal was to utilize modern techniques for document classification, assessment, disposition, retention and storage – in essence a contemporary Information Governance strategy for contracts.


The Client provided Valora both scanned images and native electronic files to evaluate a number of key contract attributes. Their ultimate goal was to determine whether or not each contract must be kept as an active file, archive file, or disposed of defensibly. A further goal was to continue assessment of active contract status over time.

The Client’s contracts were widely varied and governed a broad range of business topics, such as: vendor and reseller agreements, purchasing agreements, research and development contracts and additional formats from acquisitions over the decades.

Valora loaded all contracts into our PowerHouse™ AutoClassification software and configured the system to identify each unique contract or agreement type, with custom specifications for different contract types. PowerHouse automatically classified thirty attributes such as the contract title, the parties involved, including signatories, and key terms and conditions. PowerHouse also determined which contracts were still in force and when they would ultimately become obsolete, if ever.


The result was a clean, low-cost, organized contracts database, and an extremely satisfied end client. When asked their opinion of the solution, the law department said they were delighted that an automated solution could perform this work, which enabled them to reduce their labor costs significantly.