Case Study: Bringing Automation to Redaction

West Coast Law Firm Enables Client To Achieve Major Savings By Automating Redaction Of 2,500 Documents.


When a large, AmLaw 250 west coast law firm, a nationally recognized provider of innovative legal solutions to many of the world’s top financial institutions and Fortune Global 500 companies, received a “rush” request from their client to provide labor resources to assist them in redacting 2,500 files for production, they contacted Valora for a better solution. 


The law firm provided Valora with a database containing the images they planned to produce, and a document containing a description of the type of information to redact from the production set.  Since the end client was a large insurance company, the data being produced contained PII (Personal Identification Information) about their customer base.  The PII included:  policy holder names, policy numbers, SSN’s, phone numbers and addresses. Their requirement was to not only redact the PII but also to apply custom text on the redaction block based on what was being redacted. (Ex: “Home Address”)


Valora loaded the data into PowerHouse and configured the system to identify the PII on each page.  PowerHouse automatically applied “black line” redactions, complete with appropriate text overlay for each one.  In addition, since the data was being produced as images with searchable text, Valora also updated the client’s database with cleaned document text, excluding the redacted content.


The result was clean, low-cost, redacted database, and an extremely satisfied end client!  When asked their opinion of the solution, the law firm said they were thrilled that they were able to reduce their labor costs by more than 50%, but more importantly they met the tight deadline with ease and confidence that all PII was eliminated from the final production.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used: