Case Study: Security Through AutoClassification

PowerHouse™ AutoClassification Digitizes & Secures Classified Documents


For this multi-million dollar, Department of Defense contractor, security is always the number one priority.

Working on top-secret projects for the US Government for decades, including several guidance systems, this client must be proactive in safeguarding documents containing our nation’s military secrets. 


They needed a security-minded, high quality solutions provider who could handle transforming their paper documents into digital assets, pulling their records management and Information Governance into the modern era.  Furthermore, all digital assets had to have complete metadata coding to comply with DOD content storage policies.


First, PowerHouse supported full document digitization, including scanning, text creation via OCR, logical document unitization, AutoCoding and Rules-Based dispositioning of content which enabled compliance with the DOD’s strict policies.

Second, since Valora built PowerHouse from the ground up, we had the unrivalled ability to adapt the software to specific client environments, such as native connectivity with existing systems.

Finally, with over a decade of experience provisioning complex, paper-oriented services work for a wide swath of federal and state government agencies, Valora provided an unparalleled catalog of agency references and past performance reporting.


The services Valora provisioned for this client varied from sending Production staff onsite to scan highly classified documents, to receiving rolling boxes of documents on a continuous basis to scan, code and disposition. These documents were then sent back with the newly created metadata, digital copies of documents, with the original boxes intact.

Solutions Applied:


Document Analytics

Electronic File Processing

OCR & Text Extraction

Analytics & Data Mining

Products Used: