Clearinghouse Solutions

Business process automation, content service providers and data aggregators use Valora’s PowerHouse platform to streamline and automate document intake, content analysis, and fielded data extraction to supplement their hosting of targeted content.

Implementing Valora’s PowerHouse AutoClassification platform, content and data extractors can now capture high-volume streams of fielded content automatically from scanned images, electronic files, forms and more.  With support for hundreds of Document Types, thousands of fields, and multiple languages, PowerHouse is unrivaled as a fielded data extraction tool for high-volume data processing organizations.

In addition to its AutoCoding functions, PowerHouse’s customized Quality Control interface marries automated output with complete flexibility for high-accuracy and complex quality control needs.  Preview images, full text, hit highlighting and redaction, and automated tools and validation are just a handful of high-volume data entry and analysis features.  Support teams from 1 – 1,000.

Reduce your data entry and analysis headcount by utilizing automated data capture solutions from Valora.

PowerHouse for Clearinghouse Providers delivers:

  • Automatic duplicate detection & removal from processing queue
  • Attribute-based priority processing, including < 24-hour turnaround
  • Instant integration with data entry & data mining tasks
  • Secure records transmission, storage & access
  • Automatic propagation of fields, images and text to PowerHouse Quality Control User Interface (QCUI)
  • Full customization of document/form types, fielded data capture and hosting presentation
  • Full data normalization and field values validation
  • 24 x 7 automated export to your hosted platform of choice
  • Single monthly fee covers all activities & costs (SaaS)

Safeguarded & Secure Process

Whether paper or electronic files, email or webforms, published materials or private information, on prem or in the cloud, PowerHouse receives all document content in a centralized, highly secure manner. Internal auditing follows chain of custody and source tracking requirements, logging every step and keystroke. For SaaS PowerHouse solutions on Valora’s cloud, electronic files come directly to a custom, secure email Inbox or private web Uploads folder, while paper documents arrive at a 24×7 secure lockbox.

Careful Document Preparation

Once received, all documents are prepared for automated analysis for Document Type, Source, Authors & Recipients, Document Creation & Receipt Dates, Titles & Subject Matter, and Specific Customer or Matter Identifiers. Preparations steps include everything from Document Disassembly (staples, envelopes, etc.) to automated text extraction, foreign language translation and De-Duplication of files.


Automated Document Processing

PowerHouse’s rich feature set includes full indexing and analysis, as well as specialized workflow routing with our its Rules Engine including:

  • Immediate analysis for prior receipt and/or duplication of incoming materials
  • Automatic field population for: Author/Sender, Date, Title, Document Type(s), Recipients, Processing/Workflow Track, and more
  • Automatic routing for Processing, Billing, Review, or Exception Handling
  • Automatic push to PowerHouse Quality Control User Interface (QCUI)
  • Automatic reporting and programmatic output to your repository of choice

Accessible Document Management

To optimize your document management needs, your documents, files, and records can be hosted and viewed, printed, shared, routed or archived in BlackCat, our hosted ECM solution. Your staff has real-time, easy, secure, and user-friendly web access to all your data content.


Predictable Pricing

PowerHouse licensing and support are established at a convenient fixed monthly fee, given your expected volume. No surprise fees or scrambling to cover overflow and peak scenarios. Easily move up or down the pricing model, as your project needs dictate.

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ROT & File Clean-Up

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