Document Transformation

Convert digital content, audio & video files and paper documents into readable, searchable and actionable data.

Valora delivers organization, structure, analysis and control to enterprise documents – be they paper documents, digital files or a combination of both. With proven industry best practices and the PowerHouse AutoClassification Suite, Valora enables and automates:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Logical Document Division & Unitization
  • AutoRedaction
  • AutoTranscription
  • AutoTranslation
  • Scanning & Digitization

Valora’s automated document transformation functionality is used extensively by some of the world’s largest corporations, law firms and federal agencies.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Transform pictures, images and PDFs into searchable, analyzable, working document content.

Because OCR processing is often near the beginning of a long chain of automated and hybrid document processing activities, Valora utilizes the highest quality, most powerful character-recognition algorithms available to deliver clean, searchable text for all printed words in a document – routinely processing well over 200,000 pages per day of OCR.

Fully integrated into our PowerHouse data processing technology platform allows OCR processing and output to run simultaneously with other processing efforts offering a completely scalable, parallel-processing workflow model for high-volume, time-sensitive projects.


Logical document division: Breaking down huge files into bite-sized, relevant and readable documents.

Valora’s PowerHouse AutoClassification technology allows for rapidly automation of the unitization effort, greatly reducing cost and turnaround time for structured litigation files and comprehensive records management. Unitization output includes:

  • identifying logical document divisions (Begin/End) from physical boundaries
  • re-organizing single-pages
  • de-constructing solid blocks of combined pages.
  • organizing files by attachment families
  • email conversation de-threading


Flexible document redaction across multiple data environments.

Valora’s PowerHouse Suite offers customizable information capture and redaction options — across hundreds of document types, industries and instances — for managing, handling, protecting and redacting PII, PHI, PCI, competitive corporate information, issues of work product and other sensitive information. Valora’s redaction output includes:

  • Straight redaction to blacked out text (blackbar)
  • Redaction to black-out with custom overlay text (ex: “Intentionally Removed”)
  • Highlighted “see-through” proposed/temporary redactions that can be reviewed by attorneys or in other systems


Quickly convert audio, video and voicemail files to usable text.

AutoTranscription helps discovery, compliance and records professionals manage, organize, analyze and search audio and video files. Valora’s Power House technology crawls an organization’s data stores and content repositories, identifies audio and video files and automatically transcribes these files into readable and searchable text documents.

AutoTranscription makes is equally suitable for stored voicemail, recorded online meetings and webinars, video files, depositions, broadcast media and many other sources of spoken content.



Automatically detect and translate foreign language documents into English for easier review and management.

AutoTranslation helps records managers, attorneys, and auditors easily review information stemming from foreign sources by detecting foreign languages and automatic translation into English (or any language). Since AutoTranslation is accomplished in almost real-time, there is no longer a need to delay actions while waiting for the content to be translated by specialists. Rapid and automated decision-making, combined with much lower costs make AutoTranslation the prime solution for assessment and management of document content in a global world.

Scanning & Digitization

Digital imaging to convert paper documents into searchable digital text.

For organizations required to transform legacy paper documents into digital, searchable data as part of their Information Governance strategy, Valora offers paper files and records document conversion, processing and hosting, document disassembly and reassembly; materials pickup, drop-off and handling (including full Chain of Custody management); and the most advanced scanning capabilities and throughput options.

Valora offers customized outsourced legal and records management scanning services at our processing facility in Bedford, MA; as well as through our vast array of certified partners throughout the United States.

Information Governance

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Learn best practices for the automation of document processing, analysis and disposition.

ROT & File Clean-Up

See how Valora reduces Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data to keep data stores clean and compliant.